And so it begins….

And so it begins….

There are really 2 monumentous birthdays in our lives. The first is when we turn 21.

When I turned 21 it was fucking EPIC! EPIC!!! All my friends got together. We got totally dressed up, rented a party bus and hit the clubs. HARD! We drank, we danced, we shook our tiny asses and didn’t need a push up bra. Life was easy, it was carefree. We just kind of rolled with anything. There were no worries.

Then there is our 40th birthday. Mine, was pretty uneventful. It was more of a slap in the face, reality check. There was no recovering from a hangover for the next week, or squeezing into skinny jeans. Instead I realized that I wasn’t in my 20’s anymore. My hips were wider, boobs droopier, I was going backwards in my career, had no savings and had a ton of worry in my life.

Welcome to my 40’s right?

Now, I don’t want to relive the 20’s – been there, done that. But the 40’s are new territory. The realization that A: I am now officially IN my 40’s (41 to be exact) is like a dose of cold water and B: the fact that I am no where near where I thought I would be career wise, C: not exactly the owner of the best financial portfolio, and D: going through what is now my understanding of peri-menopause and battling thyroid issues (meaning a whole bunch of headaches) – I am honestly left wondering where the fuck did my life go.

So – here is my blog. Where I will share my journey of self care, battling mood swings, changing careers, going back to school and trying to figure how to navigate this new phase of life.

Just to warn you – the language might be a little rough sometimes, topics might be a little sensitive. My journey is not the same as yours, but maybe some things I am going through are similar. Maybe, just maybe by sharing what we go through, we can help one another feel braver and empowered to take our lives back.

So ladies – welcome.

-Zephyr Linn

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